Madeira. Trimifunt Spiridon Community

The God worship of the Orthodox community in honor of Spyridon de Trimifunta are performed in the chapel of the Central Parque de Santa Catarina, in the city of Funchal and in the temple under construction, the city of Prazeres, located in the southwest of Madeira, in the municipality of Calheta.

Divine services are not performed regularly by priests from various parishes in Portuguese communities. Follow the schedule of upcoming services in the Orthodox group of Portugal and on the website.

Address in Funchal: capela Santa Catarina, Parque de Santa Catarina Funchal 9000-015 FUNCHAL
Address in Prazeres: ER210 59 19, Prazeres
Ioan Gherboveţchi tel: +351 967383330; +79267595776 (RU); +37367103838 (MD)
Е-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]