Cathedral service and clergy meeting in Portugal

On 20 January, the Saturday after Epiphany, a cathedral service and a meeting of Portuguese clergy was held at the parish of St John the Baptist in Lisbon.

The Divine Liturgy was led by Metropolitan Nestor of Corso and Western Europe, Patriarchal Exarch of Western Europe and Administrator of the Diocese of Spain and Portugal.

He was served by: Bishop Peter of Cafa, Vicar General of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Western Europe, Archpriest Ioan Herbovetsky, Primate of the Portuguese District, Archpriest Andrei Ciobanu, Rector of the parish, Hieromonk Nicholas (Borsky), Archpriest Oleg Ciaburu, Archpriest Veaceslav Vlasenco, Archpriest Ioakim Malacias, Archpriest Alexander Toric, Priest Alexei Zabelin, Priest Alexander Piskunov, Priest Anthony Teixeira, Priest Philip Malakiash, Priest Pavel Sergeev, Priest Konstantin Paladi, Priest Leonid Karpin, Hierodeacon Jerome (Tomaz), Deacon Gleb Zaika, Deacon Pedro Mota, Deacon George Volovei and Deacon Grigory Boblienko.

At the small entrance, by the decree of Metropolitan Nestor, Priest Anthony Teixeira was awarded the right to wear a kamilavka, and Priest Philip Malakias was awarded the right to wear a swaddle.

After the intercessory prayer, a glorification was celebrated before the icon of the Epiphany.

Then the Archpastor addressed the clergy and parishioners.

After the brotherly meal, a meeting of the clergy of the Portuguese clergy was also held, at which issues related to the life and development of the Portuguese communities were discussed.

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