Епископ Кафский Петр посетил приход в честь свт. Николая Чудотворца в г. Торреш Ведраш

On April 8th, Saturday of Lazarus, Bishop Peter of Cafa, the Vicar of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Western Europe, visited the parish dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the city of Torres Vedras.

The Archpastor was assisted by the parish priest, Father Antony Teixeira, the Protoiereus Joachim Malachiash, the priest Philip Malachiash, the priest Paul Sergeyev, and the Hierodeacon Jerome (Tomaz).

At the entrance of the church, Bishop Peter was greeted with flowers by a boy and a girl who were the first baptized children in this parish.

Exactly 9 years ago, on Lazarus Saturday, Bishop Peter, when he was an abbot, celebrated his first Liturgy in this region. During this time, the community changed the location for worship twice, and for the past 4 years, they have been holding them in a tiny chapel.

Recently, the religious services have been taking place in the village of Buligueira (near the city of Torres Vedras) in a church provided by the Catholic diocese.

After the dismissal, the Archpastor addressed words of welcome to the clergy and parishioners.

The interaction with the parish continued over a tea gathering.

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