Full edition of the Orthodox Missal in Portuguese

We present the full edition of the Orthodox Missal in Portuguese (European), prepared by Professor Doctor Luís Filipe Thomaz and Father Pedro Pruteanu, along with other collaborators. The book was published by the publisher of the “LusOrtodoxia” Association, with the blessing of the Eminent Orthodox Archbishop of Spain and Portugal, of the Moscow Patriarchate, Dom Nestor.

We present, in PDF format, the introduction and the index of the book, in order to facilitate the comprehension of the work modality adopted in relation to the texts and comments, as well as the full content of this unique work in Portuguese, both for the Portuguese Orthodox space. as for the Brazilian. As can be seen from the table of contents, the book is addressed not only to clergy but also to lay people who are interested in participating in or following Church services.

Regarding the finishes, the 336-page book was printed on top-quality paper in red and black, with the hardcover lined in leather and the text written in gold letters. It additionally features two markers.

The book can be purchased at various Orthodox parishes in Portugal or by order by email: [email protected]. The selling price per unit is 15 € (fifteen euros) plus the postage fee.

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