The first meeting of the Hispano-Portuguese Diocese took place in Madrid

On March 22, in Madrid, for the first time, a meeting of the Spanish-Portuguese Diocese was held, which was attended by almost all clerics from both countries. The meeting began with the Liturgy of the Presecrated Gifts, which was led by the Archbishop of Madrid and Lisbon Nestor. At the end of the service, the bishop addressed the worshipers with instructions on the commemoration of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste. He gave an example of their hardness and patience to the clergy of the diocese, the number that is approaching 40.

At the meeting, Archbishop Nestor announced statistics on the number of temples, clergy and parishes of the diocese. A number of important decisions would be taken, in particular, members of the diocesan council were elected. Diocesan Secretary Prot. Andrei Kordochkin also made a report on the locally honored saints of the undivided Church of Spain and Portugal, presenting to clerics published on the eve of the calendars, as well as the book Mater Hispania.
The meeting ended with a common meal.

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