Let’s build an Orthodox Church in Portugal

The Orthodox Community of Portugal purchased land for the construction of a Temple and Orthodox Cultural Centre in the suburban Lisbon city of Cascais.

The land is located in the very centre of the city, near the railway and bus station.

Through the efforts of the Portuguese community a construction project has been developed in the authorship of the famous architect of Orthodox churches – Andrey Albertovich Anisimov and Portuguese architect Luis Branquinho Bigotte (Luis Branquinho Bigotte).

The total area of the project is 1,593.7 square metres. Of this, 620.8 is the building area, 740.3 is the building area, 820 is the garden area, and 386.6 is the adjacent roads and car park. The Church building will occupy 260.3 square metres. A bell tower is envisaged. Underground car parking for 14+ cars is envisaged, totalling 520 sqm.

The approximate cost of construction is around one million euros at 2022 rates.

Donate to the construction of the temple!

For translations in Portugal:
NIB: 0007 0000 00784679852 23

For international transfers:
IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 00784679852 23. SWIFT / BIC: BESCPTPL

The full name of the recipient is:
Igreja Ortodoxa Russa em Portugal, Associação Cultural-Religiosa “LusOrtodoxia”.

Responsible for the church bank account: Archpriest John (Grebovetsky)
tel.+351 967383330

“If you have the honour of building the House of God, accept it as a great gift of the Creator, for the right hand of the Lord touches the one who builds temples, and many sins the Lord will forgive him.” (St John of Kronstadt)